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Eva was fascinated by the piano as soon as her father let her touch the keys as a toddler. She was taught several songs, and it soon became clear that she was musically gifted. Her interest relationship with the instrument grew deeper and deeper, and as a 7-year-old she embarked upon a formal musical education at the Urban Academy of Music, Speech and Dance in Beringen. She combined her music lessons with intensive training in acro-gym sports; her second hobby. Eventually, she had to give up the sports for medical reasons, and this gave her the ability to focus on playing the piano. Through this, she fell in love with the compositional styles of Mozart, Chopin and Debussy.


Eva grew up in a Christian family and went to Evangelical church services with her family every Sunday. Song was a major element in these services, and this led Eva to develop a passion for singing. As a result, she began to listen to singers such as Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin, Kelly Clarkson, Stacie Orrico, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys and Whitney Houston. Studying piano and voice under Heidi Minten and Inge Minten enabled Eva to unfold completely as a singer and pianist.


She was 13 when she first started writing songs. She recorded her very first song Thank You, a song of thankfulness to God, in Studio Recall. The single ended up, among others, in the hands of Das Pop, with whom Eva’s uncle was cooperating at the time. Having impressed the band, she was invited to come to their studio in Gent. At 14, she got the chance to work with the men of Das Pop for an extended period. Together they worked on her songs, of which around thirteen eventually ended up on a record. Her uncle, meanwhile, regularly took her to concerts where he had to work, and through this Eva got in touch with several professional artists. For example, she sang backing vocals on one of Flip Kowliers records.


Producer Wouter Van Belle contacted Eva when she was 17 years old. After working together in the studio a few times, Van Belle offered her a record deal which she eventually signed at age 18. They then worked on a first album in cooperation with Das Pop, musician Senne Guns and producer Andrew Powell. Her album was partially recorded in one of the Abbey Road studios in London, which was an unimaginable experience for her. In the summer of 2011 her first single Shine was released and noticed by Radio2. Somewhat later in the same year, Eva was asked to participate in the new talent show The Voice of Flanders. After extensive contemplation she decided to take a chance. Despite her fairly early exit from the show, she certainly doesn't regret her taking part. With a cover of the international hit If I ain’t got you she left a memorable impression. A cover of that song became her next single and got airplay at Radio2 and MNM. Meanwhile, she broadened her horizons by going into the direction of jazz with pianist Ewout Pierreux at De! Kunsthumaniora in Antwerp. She also had the opportunity to sing a duet with Koen Wauters, accompanied by the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra during the Gent Filmfestival, which received very enthusiastic reviews. In addition, her contribution as a recurring artist in sports reporter Stef Wijnants’s tour gave her lots of exposure throughout Flanders.


In 2014 she came close to representing Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest, having sung in the live Eurosong television competition series. She gained considerable national attention through reaching third place in the final round which was broadcast from the Antwerp Sportpaleis (Stadium Arena). Her song, Nothing is Impossible, was written by Mick Lee, Pernille Georgi, and Chris 'Ruff Diamond' Robinson; and produced by Yannic Fonderie. It was greeted with outstanding critical acclaim and has become a successful single in its own right.


Her first album, which showcases her own songs and a cover, has been in the stores since 2012. She is now occupied with developing new songs. Besides her musical talent, many have commented that Eva's positive character shines through her principles and warm personality. She knows that the going can get tough, but pushes on, knowing that nothing can change her passion for music!

Eva Jacobs fotograaf Selina De Maeyer


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